Akaso Brave 4 User Review - Best Cheap Action Camera?

16 Jul

Interest at the more affordable, entry-level activity cameras in the marketplace has skyrocketed over the past couple of years because of the remarkable gain in the picture quality the inexpensive GoPro options can provide for their customers and their popularity just keeps on rising.  Throughout the past couple of months, we've noticed an increasing number of people reaching out and requesting a committed Akaso Brave 4 evaluation because of it likely being the most common entry-level camera on the industry at the moment.

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For this reason, we've opted to generate the Akaso Brave 4 that the field of the article to assist our readers that are thinking of buying it.  Luckily, Akaso has managed to construct an maintain an superb reputation for themselves within the past couple of years of creating some of the maximum quality actions cameras to the cheapest possible rates along with the Brave 4 is not any different.

Since its launch on the current market, the Akaso Brave 4 has really gone from strength to strength with every passing month and it's managed to make one of the  greatest reputations amongst the neighborhood in regards to entry-level activity cameras.  We believe this is because of the excellent functionality, excellent build quality, strong cost, and remarkable feature list.

The Brave 4 has turned out to be a favorite camera for numerous markets although used to catch action sports or to get vlogging are both key uses in which it has a massive user base utilizing it as their default activity camera of choice.  Though the Akaso Brave 6 has been released on the marketplace and quickly was able to make itself an superb reputation among the neighborhood, the Brave 4 is still proving to be a remarkably popular choice and is enlarging its core client base with every passing month.

Anyhow, though the Brave 6 is currently available on the marketplace, we nevertheless feel as the Brave 4 may still make an superb addition to your own camera accessories if you're seeking to put in a great yet inexpensive action camera for your collection.  

Performance And Functionality

Now, considering the Akaso Brave 4 is a sub-one hundred buck activity camera that it really provides some of the very best performance and performance which you're going to find among all the competition at the price point.  Back after it was originally released onto the current market, the Akaso Brave 4 literally withdrew the vast majority of those compeating actions cameras in its price bracket from the water and has been readily compeating with activity cameras from other manufacturers which are greater than twice its price tag.

If it comes to the camera detector on the Brave 4, then it may supply you with still photos with a resolution up to twenty megapixels!  Remember that before the Brave 4 has been released on the current market, the huge majority of entry-level cameras could capture stills around about twelve megapixels but Akaso managed to increase the bar and ship the contest running with its enormous twenty-megapixel camera detector.

 This guarantees that regardless of where you are or the terms which you're employing the activity camera you are receiving the best possible photographs to keep your memories at the very best picture quality possible.

If you're wishing to share your photos on social websites afterward the detail the Akaso Brave 4 provides actually will pay off.  As you might be aware, picture quality is getting increasingly more significant when it comes to standing out from the competition on interpersonal networking platforms and obtaining a following along with the Brave 4 assists with this without needing to break your bank.


In addition to this, you could also easily and quickly change between the a variety of video resolutions to satisfy your requirements for a particular circumstance.  By way of instance, if you're capturing some B-roll to your vlogs then operating at 4k will be a good alternative.  On the reverse side of this however, if you're wishing to catch a fast-paced action game such as downhill mountain biking then you're most likely going to be needing the 1080p at sixty frames per second so that your movie footage is as easy as possible.

 Considering it is a really affordable action camera that this is really fairly impressive.  In addition to that, a growing number of individuals are beginning to utilize high output banks to recharge their actions cameras mid-session while they are away from power sockets also.  This permits you to maintain your activity camera billed pretty much forever without difficulty so that you are able to catch all of the footage you need without running out of electricity.

We love sharing sample movie footage along with our viewers and each the clips from the movie previously are recorded with the Akaso Brave 4 and also reveals the possibility of this camera in regular circumstances.  As you can see, the picture quality the camera can supply you is completely outstanding for a sub-one hundred buck activity camera and it's obvious to see the Brave 4 is popular over the community.

But if you're only planning to utilize the Brave 4 to get vlogging or as a lightweight travel camera then that next point will not really thing for you.  On the reverse side of this however, if you're utilizing the Brave 4 to actions sports afterward the built-in, next-generation picture stabilization and gyroscope help really can make the difference.

So many actions sports have a lot of vibration and motion whilst shooting sport and this technology helps enhance the general picture quality and easy all your video footage outside without you having to buy a gimbal.  If you're planning to mount your Akaso Brave 4 into a chest or helmet mount then you really can understand the difference on your movie footage involving getting the picture stabilization technician turned off or on during use.

One of our favourite features of this Akaso Brave 4 is that the completely flexible viewing angle of the camera detector as exhibited in the picture above.  This can definitely alter the impact your picture or footage gets the viewer and will help add that extra degree of depth which contest entry action cameras are overlooking.  

 If you're up in the hills ski or snowboarding and wish to catch the epic vistas you visit then the 170° angle is ideal and actually captures the perspectives you visit with a fantastic image quality.

In addition to the Brave 4 additionally offers as many as five times digital zoom to make sure you are able to zoom right in on different topics you watch while out and going to catch them in fantastic detail.  In the time of writing, a lot of those compeating entry-level cameras will provide a few times digital zoom again, Akaso broke the mould using the Brave 4 and pumped that around five to their audiences.

In addition to all this, as you'd expect from any modern activity camera available on the market nowadays the Akaso Brave 4 also completely supports a lot of different popular camera manners like timelapse mode, burst photograph style, diving style, and movement detection mode.  This truly will help to improve the flexibility of this camera and make sure that you can capture just what you would like through usage.

Now, among the chief problems using the entry action cameras available on the industry at this time is that nearly all them suffer from submerged functionality.  For this reason, we've opted to talk about the footage over to show off just what you may expect from the Akaso Brave 4 if used submerged in its watertight case.

 The added watertight case which is included with the Brave 4 as regular along with your purchase will even shield the camera down to depths of a hundred feet also.  This should be a lot for the majority of our readers thinking about purchasing an entry-level camera and permit you to catch most if not all the underwater video footage you desire.

If you factor all this in, it truly is simple to see why the Akaso Brave 4 has was such a huge hit over the community in addition to why it's such a fantastic reputation.  Since its launch, the camera has managed to make itself plenty of excellent reviews we would strongly advise that you skim over since they offer you some fantastic insight into the functioning of the camera.

Luckily, Akaso has really planned out its own user interface to make certain it is quite simple to follow along with without needing to spend hours studying the machine.  So many compeating entry-level cameras have badly designed controller systems that are hard to learn and difficult to follow if you're a newcomer to using actions cameras but this isn't a problem using all the Brave 4.

If you're new to using a action camera afterward we're convinced you will have the ability to rapidly and easily find out the method utilized on the Brave 4 and also get out and about shooting photographs and video footage soon after taking it from the box.  If you can utilize any contemporary smartphone then you ought to have the ability to use the controller interface to the camera and fast and easily correct its functionality to satisfy your requirements for your photography and recording sessions also.

As we've mentioned previously in the operation and performance sections of this guide, there are a couple distinct conditions where you might want marginally different camera configurations based on what you're doing with your Brave 4.  Luckily, the management system permits you to quickly and easily change between the many choices to make sure you are receiving the very best picture quality possible within minutes.

The genuine touchscreen interface is excellent also and stands out in another entry-level camera systems since it's sensitive and precise to touch.  1 slight drawback is that if your palms are wet then it may be a small pain to discover what you're pressing but we doubt this is going to be a significant problem for the majority of our readers searching for an entry activity camera anyhow.

You also receive a wireless remote controller included with your purchase of this Akaso Brave 4 as regular to this is surprisingly helpful, particularly if you're using your own camera for action sport.  By way of instance, say you're ski and have your activity camera attached into a good selfie stick as you carve your way down the mountain.  Instead of needing to press on the buttons on the camera, then you can set the remote controller around your wrist and also trigger the numerous purposes on the camera out of it while maintaining your camera onto the selfie stand making your life easier.

The display is also quite bright in order for your activity game of choice is something such as caving where you're likely to maintain low light the majority of the time making it quite simple to tweak the camera configurations required in shadowy spaces without needing any issues.  

Smartphone App

Even though the Akaso smartphone program has its fair share of problems through time, we're very happy to report the recent upgrade to the program on both the iOS and Android have adjusted these difficulties.  The syncing difficulties and random disconnects appear to be gone for the most part creating the program a lot simpler to use.  

Though you're ready to earn these changes manually through the management interface on the true camera, we believe the navigation menu on your smartphone program is far simpler to follow letting you tweak the operation of your camera considerably faster.  

 That said however, the activity camera may work fine with no smartphone program and if you're planning on using it for something such as vlogging with the very same settings then it is simple to do without the app, not encounter any difficulties.

 Nevertheless, you really do need to remember the price of the Brave 4 and also recognize that among the means which Akaso can maintain it cheap whilst offering such excellent quality is that they user-friendly, heavier stuff in its structure.

Even though the Brave 4 is more lightweight compared to another entry-level activity cameras available on the industry at this time, it's nearly double the burden of the most recent GoPro activity camera.  Nowthis will not be a problem for the great majority of our subscribers seeking to buy an entry-level activity camera since the Akaso Brave 4 comes in at approximately 0.5 lbs of payload weight but we only wanted to point out it.

 Along with this, based on what it is you're using the camera for, then it is possible to even set it in the watertight protective case that's included with your purchase of the Brave 4 to get extra security against any possible bumps coming it is way also.

If you're getting involved in an action game like skateboarding and are hoping to be bailing on a regular basis then we'd strongly advise you take this strategy and maintain the Brave 4 at the watertight casing to keep it shielded from the drops.  Overall, however, we're really delighted with all the build quality which Akaso has managed to reach together with the Brave 4 and also in our view, it definatley will figure out how to beat the vast majority of compeating entry-level cameras in the marketplace at the time of composing.


 Along with what's seen from the picture above, you also receive the watertight casing, the watertight case, and also a remote control also.

Every one these accessories pretty much makes sure that you're ready for any situation which you might end up in and the different mounts which are comprised guarantee you could connect your Akaso Brave 4 to pretty much whatever you want to catch the video footage which you want without needing to spend additional cash on mounts.

Our Verdict

This attracts our Akaso Brave 4 evaluation into a close as you can probably tell, we're huge fans of the fantastic little budget-friendly actions camera.  We're confident in stating that our viewers may include the Akaso Brave 4 for their assortment of camera accessories and also rest assured they will have the ability to catch the best picture quality possible for the purchase price.  You may check our independent reviews of the Brave 4 from third party owners of this camera also in the event that you'd prefer some outside opinions on it as well.

In addition to this, in case you've got the further budget available, you can take the newer Akaso Brave 6 on the Brave 4 in the event that you want as it's also a excellent little activity camera that works well for its price .  In the time of writing, it's only been available in the marketplace for a couple months but we definatley expect it to become successful as the Brave 4 within the forthcoming months and it's managed to make itself a few outstanding reviews from the neighborhood also.  If you're on a strict budget subsequently the Brave 4 remains a good alternative but in the event that you're able to stretch your budget to incorporate the Brave 6 afterward we definatley believe it is well worth considering.

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